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1/25/07 05:18 pm

just letting everyone know i'm still alive since i haven't posted here (xanga/livejournal) since i got my domain. so, since summer.

anyway, i highly doubt i'm ever going to use xanga, lj, vox, or wordpress with any frequency (that's what my actual blog is for)...i have the accounts to view/comment on everyone elses journals. i'll likely update these things once in a blue moon, though, just for the hell of it :)

wow that was a lot of links. and they're all to me. shameful!

8/21/06 07:26 pm

almost forgot...

my new domain: www.evilmidori.com

5/11/06 10:54 am - http://midori1016.blogspot.com


5/11/06 09:17 am - Suckage

I just ate half of a (small) doughnut because I need a little food in my stomach before I can take my Advil (bloody hell! Literally!). Lyndon is currently eating another doughnut plus the half I left behind. Why is it that half a doughnut makes me expand to amazing widths but one and a half doughnuts does absolutely nothing to him? Yesterday we both went to Jack in the Box for lunch. I had a southwest chicken salad and didn't use the dressing or eat the cheese. He had a breakfast burrito, a breakfast jack, and a hash brown.

I guess part of it is because he's a foot taller than me.

Unfair unfair unfair.

5/10/06 06:45 pm - BOOBIES

"My titties look small. If I had some bazookas like Sara, your hand wouldn't even be able to cover them."


5/10/06 11:00 am - Wiki?

Why won't anybody look at pictures of bound feet with me?


5/8/06 05:30 pm - Monday


work == headache. I think this is crunch time. Unfortunately the time we will be crunching is a bit longer (a few months I believe) than I'd like to think. Yay for two half days that are coming up (cruise cruise cruise!)...followed up by the first long weekend we've had since New Year's which I will be spending in Northern California :)

I have a bitty iPod thanks to someone lovely.

5/5/06 10:48 am - 1 YEAR

Happy one year to me :)

And him too.

And happy 5 of May.


5/4/06 10:47 am - Da Vinci Code

Da Vinci Code coming out in theaters :)

I'll probably watch it at some time or another...I like Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou. I have the feeling I won't like it all that much (the book itself wasn't all that great and the movie is rarely better than the book) but that's okay. I went to see Memoirs of a Geisha knowing that I wouldn't like it and voila, I didn't!

Has anyone seen the imdb message boards? DVC and Brokeback Mt. both have mighty interesting threads...and by interesting I mean scary. But more on that later.

Server is still denying access ;(

5/3/06 10:46 am - Catching up...

Hello everyone

Yes I'm back :)

Many things have happened methinks...it's been a while since I've written anything even semi-substantial.


Last month...

-El Torito w/ Aaron's coworkers
-Going to USC/downtown LA/K-town with Ray and Steve
-Christy's birthday party
-Taste of Huntington Beach
-Company open house
-Roy's with Aaron and Apes

Things to look forward to in the near future...

-Brian coming down today (our anniversary is on Cinco de Mayo)
-Cruise to Mexico!
-Going up north Memorial day weekend.

Anyway, I have to pee. More later.

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